Jody + Alistair | Oxford Town Hall + Modern Art Oxford Wedding by Joshua Tomalin

Jody and Alistair's wedding at Oxford Town Hall and Modern Art Oxford had an Australian theme after their relocation down under. Even the wedding was playing its part with blazing sunshine all day. J+A also receive the inaugural 2016 Tomalin award for the hardest dancing couple of the year.  

Every picture a story: The Phone by Joshua Tomalin

My favourite part of photographing weddings are the bits where things go a bit off-script. Here we are about ten minutes into the ceremony and the phone belonging to the grandmother of the bride starts to ring. The family are cracking up because she is the only person in the room who can't hear it.


The beautiful Rhodes House venue in Oxford was ringing with laughter - something that continued throughout the rest of the day. It's a hilarious moment that really set the tone for the celebration. Here is the very last image I took at the end of the day:



Alice + Grant | Oxford City Wedding by Joshua Tomalin

There is nothing quite like photographing two people in love who want to do things their way. Alice and Grant's wedding was exactly that. On paper you'd think that the Chinese tea ceremony, the surreptitiously rented house in Jericho, the trip to the castle, the cloud suit and the selfie competition would kinda clash - but you'd be wrong. It was awesome. Young love is just the best.

Michelle + Patrick | Winkworth Farm Wedding by Joshua Tomalin

Michelle and Patrick have a huge posse of friends who love them dearly, and having photographed their wedding I can understand why. This wedding contained much laughing, dancing, kissing, boob grabbing, Mustangs, Jager, sparklers and laughter laughter laughter. They were the first and last on the dancefloor, which says it all to me.

Also, having your mates don masks of the bride and groom and flashmob the party is a genius idea. Watching the groom dance with 20 versions of himself was... surreal.

Ida + Joesph | Brantwood, Lake District Wedding by Joshua Tomalin

Ida and Joe are two cool cats. Veterans of the Oxford theatre scene they decided to get married in... the Lake District. But, they also brought with them every single person who has stood on a stage in the greater Oxfordshire area, so the entertainment was top notch.

My girlfriend I decided to make a trip of it and took in all of the usual tourist checkpoints like Bluebird Ale, closing time arguments outside our hotel window and being much too unfit to climb enormous hills.

From the stereotypical grim-up-north weather, zero to maniacal St. Bernard (what up Wallace), so many dramatic turns on the mic and unthinkably large quantities of Champagne it was the most amount of fun watching these guys do their love thing.

Break a leg guys.

Rachel + Graeme | Rhodes House Wedding by Joshua Tomalin

Rachel and Graeme's wedding at Rhodes House in 2016 was exactly what you would expected when two gorgeous people get married at a gorgeous venue. 

The slideshow telling the story of R+G's relationship was heart-melting and I feel lucky to have hung out with such cool people.

A huge thanks to Phil and Phil (Rachel's parents) for making me feeling like one of the family and also for the homemade honey, which to this day is the tastiest thank you I've ever received from photographing a wedding.