winkworth farm wedding photography

Every picture a story: Mustang by Joshua Tomalin

I'm a sucker for old cars and so was delighted when Michelle and Patrick's friends turned up in shiny and very blue Mustang. It was an excuse for all of us to live out some Tarantino / Bonnie + Clyde fantasies. Friends who know you well enough to give you awesome presents like this are worth their weight in gold.

Michelle + Patrick | Winkworth Farm Wedding by Joshua Tomalin

Michelle and Patrick have a huge posse of friends who love them dearly, and having photographed their wedding I can understand why. This wedding contained much laughing, dancing, kissing, boob grabbing, Mustangs, Jager, sparklers and laughter laughter laughter. They were the first and last on the dancefloor, which says it all to me.

Also, having your mates don masks of the bride and groom and flashmob the party is a genius idea. Watching the groom dance with 20 versions of himself was... surreal.