documentary style photography

Emma + Dan | Steeple Aston Hall by Joshua Tomalin

My final wedding of 2017 was Emma and Dan's at Steeple Aston Hall. Except they had already got married the week before so, like the couple themselves, this was a unique kinda knee's up. A huge thank you to Emma, Dan, Roo and all their fab friends.

Every picture a story: The Look by Joshua Tomalin

When I'm photographing a wedding I'm always looking around to see people's reactions. I love this photo of Ida's mum watching her daughter during the ceremony. A simple deptiction of love.

Every picture a story: Ladies by Joshua Tomalin

I love dance floor photos. I've written before about how it jives with my instincts as a performance photographer.

One of the reasons I dig the dancefloor is that it is democratic, everyone can get down. These ladies can tear it up with the best of them.

Every picture a story: The Poster by Joshua Tomalin

Ida and Joe are theatrical types and their mate Vince mocked up this awesome poster which references the proposal. But the kid covering her eyes at that moment - perfect!

Every picture a story: Mustang by Joshua Tomalin

I'm a sucker for old cars and so was delighted when Michelle and Patrick's friends turned up in shiny and very blue Mustang. It was an excuse for all of us to live out some Tarantino / Bonnie + Clyde fantasies. Friends who know you well enough to give you awesome presents like this are worth their weight in gold.

Every picture a story: The Dress by Joshua Tomalin

I talk a lot about how documentary wedding photography is all about recording the subtle moments that make up a day, and this why I like this image so much.

Photos of your wedding are likely to become more important to you as time goes on and the people in the images grow older. These memories are a time machine that takes you back to that day and remind you of the youth and beauty of those you love.


Later on that day, after the dress had been done up and on the way to the ceremony.


Every picture a story: Breakdance by Joshua Tomalin

Kids at weddings are a blast. You can always rely on children to lead the assault on the dance floor.Not only is this guy breaking like a champion but his moves have attracted some female attention. Good job son.

Every picture a story: Tourists by Joshua Tomalin

When you arrive at the Bodleian Library you have to walk across a Quad to get to the Convocation House. These tourists seemed to take the bride's arrival in their stride.

Kate + Adam | Bodleian Library Oxford Wedding by Joshua Tomalin

Fun, laughter and good times were rolling at Kate and Adam's wedding at the Bodleian Library. Classy venue for a classy couple. A huge thank you to you guys.