brantwood wedding photography

Every picture a story: The Look by Joshua Tomalin

When I'm photographing a wedding I'm always looking around to see people's reactions. I love this photo of Ida's mum watching her daughter during the ceremony. A simple deptiction of love.

Every picture a story: The Poster by Joshua Tomalin

Ida and Joe are theatrical types and their mate Vince mocked up this awesome poster which references the proposal. But the kid covering her eyes at that moment - perfect!

Ida + Joesph | Brantwood, Lake District Wedding by Joshua Tomalin

Ida and Joe are two cool cats. Veterans of the Oxford theatre scene they decided to get married in... the Lake District. But, they also brought with them every single person who has stood on a stage in the greater Oxfordshire area, so the entertainment was top notch.

My girlfriend I decided to make a trip of it and took in all of the usual tourist checkpoints like Bluebird Ale, closing time arguments outside our hotel window and being much too unfit to climb enormous hills.

From the stereotypical grim-up-north weather, zero to maniacal St. Bernard (what up Wallace), so many dramatic turns on the mic and unthinkably large quantities of Champagne it was the most amount of fun watching these guys do their love thing.

Break a leg guys.