About Me

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I'm Josh Tomalin and I take photos at weddings.

I started taking photos with any degree of seriousness when I was nineteen.  I'd just started at drama school and was training to be a lighting designer, it was a constant frustration that I could never photograph my lighting in a way that made it look, well... any good. I trashed my little Sony point and shoot trying though, and so began a long-smouldering affair with photography.

Fast-forward to today and everything and nothing has changed,  the worlds of photography and theatre make up my life. Having worked for many years as a performing arts photographer, someone suggested to me that I start photographing weddings. So I did my first, I had a blast and that's it. I'm hooked. I'm a documentary wedding photographer. The rest is an ongoing story...

Some fun facts:

  • Very much coffee rather than tea for me please.
  • I watch too many 80's movies.
  • Proud Manchester United fan.
  • My girlfriend and I dance like androids.
  • People have described my laugh as being like "the honking of a Canada goose".
  • When I'm not photographing weddings, I'm a nationally-published photographer for the performing arts. I take headshots, performance, behind-the-scenes and advertising images for dance and theatre companies.


I'm delighted to be a member of This Is Reportage, Fearless Photographers, Inspiration Photographers, Hitched, featured on Bidvine and the WPJA.

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